Case Studies

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Byte Technology

With so many stores in multiple locations, Byte Technology
needed a connectivity solution that would be able to
transmit communication between the stores and the Byte
platform effectively. Frustrated with landline connections,
Byte Technology turned to OptConnect to improve their
uptime and keep communication stable.  Read More

365 Retail Markets

As their footprint grew, an opportunity arose and 365
saw a need to offer their customers superior security.
In their search to offer customers reliable hardware
paired with optimized connectivity, 365 Retail Markets
partnered with OptConnect.  Read More


OptConnect’s mission is to connect the world.
In the same way, Adrenaline strives to connect
people with brands. One way they do this is by
optimizing content and populating it across
cutting-edge digital signage. Looking for
connectivity that could fuel the latest in retail
technology, Adrenaline turned to OptConnect.  Read More


MOBILEMONEY was the first company to market
with a Mobile ATM. Since their founding in 1996,
they’ve grown to be an ATM provider servicing
some of the largest events in the country.
In need of a scalable wireless solution,
MOBILEMONEY turned to OptConnect in hopes
of establishing a wireless partnership that would
provide both reliability and flexibility.  Read More


Parlevel offers a robust set of management and
sales tools for the food and beverage industry.
Launched in 2013, Parlevel has become the
backbone of hundreds of businesses around the
world helping them spend less, sell more, and
optimize their operations. An integral part of
their operations is providing their customers with
seamless connectivity powered by OptConnect.  Read More