Highlights from the 2018 PayScale Compference

On September 18th we traveled to the 2018 PayScale Compference in Florida.  The conference was held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

From September 18th-20th, PayScale offered multiple workshops and presentations on all things Human Resources from companies like BambooHR, HRTMS, Dude Solutions and more.

2018 PayScale Compference

For those unfamiliar with PayScale, they are a wonderful platform that aids companies in setting correct compensation for their employees based on their crowdsourced data. Their annual Compference is a fantastic event for any human resources professional.

The education conference was not limited to just HR professionals. In fact, our CFO, Al VanLeeuwen, and President, Chris Baird, attended and were able to take workshops about management and leadership styles. There was also lots of discussion about compensation, PayScale’s new products, and tips on creating effective job descriptions.

Insightful Workshops

Attending Compference was a real treat for me for a few reasons. As an HR professional, continually learning is always important. As new generations are entering the workforce needs are changing.  I feel that if processes stay stagnant for too long they will eventually fail. Also, Compference offered a lot of different workshops that apply to all levels of HR professionals, which I found super helpful.

Lastly, Compference is held in Disney World!  It can’t get much better than that.  At the end of the Compference we were able to sit in on a workshop from Keynote speaker, Katie Sanchez. Sanchez has worked for Disney for 10+ years.  She did a crash course on Disney University’s week-long classes they offer. Sanchez primarily focused on Disney’s approach to leadership excellence.

Although Sanchez mentioned a lot of valuable information, there is one quote that stuck with me.  She said, “When faced with a problem treat it as an opportunity, not a challenge.” When she said that it really resonated with me because I think that a lot of setbacks could be solved if that mentality was primary.  Too often, when an issue arises, we react to the problem.

If problems were treated as an opportunity I think most people would have the ability to showcase their creativity. I really liked that initiative and it really shows throughout all of Disney’s parks and business.  If more people could follow that idea, in their personal and professional lives, I think it would be phenomenal what could get done in a day.

Best Practices For Job Management

Another workshop that I attended was called Best & Next Practices in Job Description Design & Management by Don Berman. I really liked this workshop because a large project that I am working on right now is getting updated job descriptions for our current jobs and writing job descriptions for upcoming positions.

Berman listed a lot of interesting statistics that blew my mind, including 25% of jobs we have today will no longer exist in five years. With certain jobs becoming obsolete, new jobs will come into the workforce with the shift in technology.

Berman also briefly discussed retention saying that one-third of employees will leave, even if they are happy, if they can’t see a future with the company.  This was shocking to me because I would think if people are happy in their position, they would stay with the employer.

A Truly Impactful Experience

Overall, PayScale Compference was a very insightful and truly impactful experience. Being head of HR here at OptConnect I found the conference really helpful and hope that I can apply the knowledge gained to our HR processes.

I look forward to attending Compference next year and I hope that more HR professionals will make it a priority to attend conferences that will help them think outside of the box.

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