Why Micro Markets Are Replacing Traditional Vending

Imagine that your work vending machine was able to provide you with fresh lunches, snacks, and more. You’re able to pull out your cell phone and purchase goods with your debit card or just a tap of Apple Pay, instead of rummaging through your wallet to find cash.

This idea is now a reality thanks to micro markets, a new technology that is changing the way traditional vending is done in the workplace.

So, what is a micro market? Structurally, micro markets are most comparable to a convenience store without the cashier. This gives customers more diversity in product choice and more options when it comes time to paying.


It’s easy to wonder how a micro market can be successful without a cashier to manage it, but wireless connectivity makes that possible. A modem can be placed inside each cashier kiosk so that each purchase tracks real-time updates on revenue and stock.

Another key factor in the success of micro markets is the integrity of its customers. With no one there to watch customers for possible stealing, the micro market may have to run on the honor system. However, micro markets may also have security cameras to ensure proper use.

The accessibility and ease of use has quickly placed micro markets in demand over traditional vending options. Micro markets are thriving on their diversity, you’ll rarely see them serving only one type of product (i.e. just candy or just fruits). This variety is vital to the micro market value proposition.

Most importantly, traditional vending is focused on purchasing goods while micro markets are for focused on the experience rather than the purchase. When you step into a micro market, you’re stepping into a mini grocery store with a similar social atmosphere.

Micro markets provide more options, more freedom, and less hassle when purchasing. This is imperative when you think about the fact that human nature is driven by experiences rather than materials.

As micro markets continue to evolve their technology, managed wireless connectivity will be integral to their function. To learn more about how to get your micro market connected, click here.


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