Welcome to the OptConnect Blog

I’ve come to learn in life that what comes easy, won’t last and that what lasts, won’t come easy. It’s always going to be a challenging journey for something that is worthwhile.

When we started OptConnect in 2008, we knew it would be a challenge to start this whole other company outside of Grant Victor. But deep down we all felt that it would be worthwhile.

We started with the mission of wanting to connect the world. We knew why we wanted to start this company, and the rest followed.

It’s been a challenging journey and we’ve all worked hard to continue to push the company forward toward success.

I think that success is best enjoyed when we work really hard for it. At the same time, we value it more the harder we work.

Our employees have really adopted that attitude in everything we do, we work tirelessly and try to enjoy the successes along the way.

We’re never done innovating and we’re always working to improve our business.

That is precisely why we’ve launched the OptConnect blog. We want to have a platform where we can share our expertise and knowledge with you on a weekly basis to help you keep up with all things IoT.

Our blog aims to provide you with reputable, helpful content with the latest industry insights, company updates, tech expertise, and more.

It’s important to us to have a voice and we’re excited to share that voice with you through our OptConnect blog. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about, please reach out to miranda.romero@optconnect.com.

Happy reading!



Chris Baird

President of OptConnect

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